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  1. IPM
    Hotness prediction of scientific topics based on a bibliographic knowledge graph
    Chaoguang Huo, Shutian Ma, and Xiaozhong Liu
    Information Processing & Management 2022
  2. iConference
    Improving community detection performance in heterogeneous music network by learning edge-type usefulness distribution
    Zheng Gao, Chun Guo, Shutian Ma, and Xiaozhong Liu
    International Conference on Information 2022


  1. Scientometrics
    Chronological citation recommendation with time preference
    Shutian Ma, Heng Zhang, Chengzhi Zhang, and Xiaozhong Liu
    Scientometrics 2021


  1. PloS One
    Mapping the co-evolution of artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things over 20 years (1998-2017)
    Katy Börner, Olga Scrivner, Leonard E Cross, Michael Gallant, Shutian Ma, Adam S Martin, Lisel Record, Haici Yang, and Jonathan M Dilger
    PloS One 2020
  2. Scientometrics
    A review of citation recommendation: from textual content to enriched context
    Shutian Ma, Chengzhi Zhang, and Xiaozhong Liu
    Scientometrics 2020


  1. OIR
    Using social media to explore regional cuisine preferences in China
    Chengzhi Zhang, Zijing Yue, Qingqing Zhou, Shutian Ma, and Zi-Ke Zhang
    Online Information Review 2019
  2. CCIR
    Ensemble system for identification of cited text spans: based on two steps of feature selection
    Jin Xu, Chengzhi Zhang, and Shutian Ma
    China Conference on Information Retrieval 2019
  3. iConference
    How to make a successful movie: Factor analysis from both financial and critical perspectives
    Zheng Gao, Vincent Malic, Shutian Ma, and Patrick Shih
    International Conference on Information 2019
  4. ISSI
    Using full-text of academic articles to find software clusters.
    Heng Zhang, Shutian Ma, and Chengzhi Zhang
    ISSI 2019


  1. PNAS
    Skill discrepancies between research, education, and jobs reveal the critical need to supply soft skills for the data economy
    Katy Börner, Olga Scrivner, Mike Gallant, Shutian Ma, Xiaozhong Liu, Keith Chewning, Lingfei Wu, and James A Evans
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018
  2. Scientometrics
    Automatic identification of cited text spans: a multi-classifier approach over imbalanced dataset
    Shutian Ma, Jin Xu, and Chengzhi Zhang
    Scientometrics 2018
  3. IDD
    Using multiple web resources and inference rules to classify Chinese word semantic relation
    Shutian Ma, Yingyi Zhang, and Chengzhi Zhang
    Information Discovery and Delivery 2018


  1. iConference
    Documents representation for comparable corpora clustering: A preliminary study
    Shutian Ma, and Chengzhi Zhang
    International Conference on Information 2017
  2. iConference
    Analyzing scientific user tagging behavior on academic blogs according to tag’s content characteristics-A preliminary study
    Yingyi Zhang, Chengzhi Zhang, Gao Chen, and Shutian Ma
    International Conference on Information 2017
  3. ASIS&T
    Document representation and clustering models for bilingual documents clustering
    Shutian Ma, and Chengzhi Zhang
    Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2017


  1. ASIS&T
    Document representation methods for clustering bilingual documents
    Shutian Ma, Chengzhi Zhang, and Daqing He
    Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2016


  1. ASIS&T
    How does citing behavior for a scientific article change over time? A preliminary study
    Chao Lu, Chengzhi Zhang, and Shutian Ma
    Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2015


  1. NLPCC
    Automatic collection of the parallel corpus with little prior knowledge
    Shutian Ma, and Chengzhi Zhang
    Chinese Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Based on Naturally Annotated Big Data 2014